Mind Your Own Business

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This is a Digital Download including 4 CDs and a workbook.

This program is for the agent who is ready to take his/her business to the next level … a more consistent and higher level of success. Long term continued success is attained by design rather than by default. The participant will be guided through the process of designing the fundamental elements of his/her plan. The plan will include the creation of a clear and compelling vision, the analysis of gathered pertinent data, and the development of step-by-step systems. These accomplishments will lend action to the plan by giving direction and focus to daily activities.

This series addresses the following topics specifically and in depth:

  • The 5 predictable stages of business development including the identification of predictable obstacles and solutions of each stage
  • Creating a compelling and personal "strength of purpose"
  • Writing a personal Mission Statement
  • Conducting an in-depth statistical situation analysis
  • Creating a personal, operating, and marketing budget
  • Strategies for developing personal "wealth"
  • The Immutable Laws of Marketing
  • Elements to consider in making a wise business decision in the selection of your marketing mix
  • Determining the value and measurement of your time
  • Setting your plan into ACTION



4 CDs & Workbook Digital Download $129.00

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