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C’mon, be honest… you have attended lots of great seminars over the years and heard many great ideas ... ideas that would not only work in your market place, but also be congruent with the way you see yourself doing business. You took copious notes and vowed to yourself that this time you would implement each and every tactic, system, and strategy as soon as you returned to your office. Unfortunately, when you did return, there was a pile of urgent items that just had to be addressed right away. So the new ideas would have to wait just a day … then just a week … then just until things slowed down a bit … and then it just never happened. And, what is worse is this scenario has happened more than once!

If this sounds familiar, don’t be too disheartened; it happens to most people. Things that sound simple are not often easy. The questions you should be asking are why and what can you do about it? The answer to why you have not succeeded in translating great information into action is that changing behavior takes more than just a desire to do so. It also takes a real commitment to those changes, being held accountable for living up to that commitment, and support from the person to whom you have made the commitment. The answer to what you can do about it isn’t a great mystery … IT IS TIME TO FIND A COACH.


If you join The PROgram you will …
  • be guided through a personal and professional audit
  • learn and begin to budget for profit
  • prioritize your database in preparation for refocusing your efforts on referrals
  • create and implement step-by-step systems to purposefully generate more referrals through effective written and personal contacts
  • learn dialogues to ask, teach, and remind your past and present clients concerning the issue of referrals
  • begin to budget for balance between your personal and professional life
  • create an effective and loyal support team
  • create and implement exceptional client service strategies for your current buyers and sellers
Cost... $4,995.00

“I’ve known Ed Hatch for over 10 years as a CRS instructor.  When I attended his    CRS 210 class I know that I wanted to focus mor on my past clients and I needed direction to do that.  Selling approximately 100 homes a year, even with a time, takes a lot of time and I honestly didn’t see how I could do anymore.  Ed helped me to learn to schedule my time – spending one to two hours each morning before I went to my office to make these important phone calls.  Then he suggested I actually visit these people I person, I thought he was crazy.   So, for Easter I personally delivered 44 Easter Baskets to my top clients and they were thrilled to see me!  It was such a WOW for them that I had taken the time out of my busy schedule to visit them.
Not only my referral business flourished, but control of my time is now mine!”

Pat Wattam 

“Ed is truly a teacher and I appreciate that ego does not get in the way’ he really wants to teach.  And so this year, with Ed as my coach, I now have a complete business plan, organized database, a solid referral based business underway that includes a step-by-step plan developed for most of the year and I am routinely calling my current and past clients.  The result is that the phones are ringing at a steady pace.  
So far this year I have closed about 30 more units than last.
Ed also helped me create and train a team who know that they are a critical part of this success and that they are very much appreciated for their contribution.
The best part is that I have been able to do all this while taking time with my family to participate in my kids activities, go on vacations, take many weekends off, seeing my kids to school in the morning and many times there when they get home. I am actually working to live, not living to work."

Tracee Lutes

“At the beginning of the year, we decided it was time to take our business to the next level by hiring a personal coach.  We realized that our business was doing pretty well but we wanted to maximize the resources and client base that we had developed over the last 20 years.  Ed was the obvious choice … we identified with his approach and had always enjoyed his seminars.  
He has been fantastic and our business has exploded.
He is great to work with, has incredible insight and understanding of the business and is able to adapt ideas to the circumstances of the particular individual situation.  We recommend Ed without hesitation or reservation.  He will improve your business and you will have a lot of fun in the process.”

Tom & Katie Brown
Trails West Eagle Bend Realty

“It was only after I started to work with Ed that I discovered the true meaning of superb organization and the power of focus and perseverance.  
The program he prescribed for me was is actually quite simple … and that is the beauty of it.
Yet it is a roadmap for success. It contains timeless marketing wisdom coupled with the highest level of ethics and professionalism – the fundamental ingredients.  Ed, as my coach and mentor, has empowered me to such an extent that every day has become an exciting and highly rewarding journey.  I have achieved unbelievable professionalism, financial, emotional, and even spiritual growth.  And it feels great!”

Alex Carrasco
Classic Realty Group




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